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There's a new song and video around here somewhere. Try to find em!

Hey y'all.  Welcome to the newly updated TexMex Shaman website on the Dang Internet. 

There's a new tune and a preview video for another. Also don't miss the new "merch" link in the menu for t-shirts and other things straight from Phoenix Records

Here on this site you can find all the stuff about Texmex shaman you need.  plenty of info here. Also you will be able to find info on Rasputin Bones, the cool band with The OASPM as well as links to the latest from Phoenix REcords.  

That is quite exciting I tell ya so get to it!



Fever in the South

TexMex Shaman

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Fever in the South

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"Fever in the South" - The Full Release LP is here!

Get yours today! With the LP order you'll also get the mp3 or wav file for each song as well as the 2 latest singles that are not on the LP!
*This purchase is for the full physical LP and mp3 or wav downloads of each song as well.

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TexMex Shaman on the dang Internet

Here's my newest single called "Dang". Now you can say things like "Hey listen to the Dang song" or "Hey turn that Dang song off!!" This one takes a couple of musical themes and plays around with them some and joins them together towards the end. Then it gets crazy

Dang lyrics

How ya feel? How ya feel? Aye Aye Set yourself free Aye Aye Soul shine Aye Aye Set yourself free How ya feel? (Thunder) Soul shine Woo whoo! •begin alien transmissions Everything got crazy How ya feel? Hardcore! Soul shine

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    Dang 5:50
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Featured Video


Bow - a preview from Texmex shaman

Here's an idea for a future song, this isn't a release yet, but will be soon.

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les paul and texmex shaman

texmex shaman

on the stage

Live in some dive

Les Paul Custom

More photos will be added soon

TexMex Shaman photos

Live at The House Of Blues Dallas

Some outdoor thing

The secret is to stare at your left hand ”

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Here you'll find various articles, reviews and interviews about the TexMex Shaman project.  Read and enjoy! 






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