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New featured song and video

We formed us a real life rock-n-roll band y'all. My good friend and writing buddy The OASPM and I have formed a new outfit called "Rasputin Bones".

Not only that but we have also signed on with Phoenix Records and are excited about that collaboration as we keep recording awesome blues/rock/jazz/psychedelic/etc.../misc music for your ears.

We'll have a band Facebook page to promote soon, but for now you'll find all TexMex Shaman news here and on Facebook as well as on the Phoenix Records home page.

brand new interview!

New Interview with texMex shaman for magazineeeeee!

thanks to James McQuiston !



Fever in the South

TexMex Shaman

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Fever in the South

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"Fever in the South" - The Full Release LP is here!

Get yours today! With the LP order you'll also get the mp3 or wav file for each song as well as the 2 latest singles that are not on the LP!
*This purchase is for the full physical LP and mp3 or wav downloads of each song as well.

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Featured Song


Rasputin Bones

Enjoy "What" - some of the meanest psychedelic space rock this side of NGC 4486. New music by "Rasputin Bones" the new band comprised of TexMex Shaman and The OASPM.

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Featured Video


Wowah by Rasputin Bones

This is a dynamic little diddy that reminds me of an "Aha" Moment for some reason.  Give it a listen and see what you think 

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les paul and texmex shaman

texmex shaman

on the stage

Live in some dive

Les Paul Custom

More photos will be added soon

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Live at The House Of Blues Dallas

Some outdoor thing

The secret is to stare at your left hand ”

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