From the recording Fever in the South

This is a cover of an old song originally done by Dick Burnett, and covered many times through the years. It came into modern rotation with the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" Soundtrack and this is our version with the talkbox kickin out the vocals!


In constant sorrow all through his days!

I am a man of constant sorrow,
I've seen trouble all my days.
I bid farewell to old Kentucky,
The place where I was born and raised
The place where he was born and raised

For six long years, I've been in trouble
no pleasure here, on earth I've found
For in this world, I'm bound to ramble
I have no friends to help me now
He has no friends to help him now

Maybe your friends think, I'm just a stranger
My face you'll never see no more
(your friends, your friends!, your friends! ahh!)
But, there is one promise that is given,
I'll meet you on God's golden shore.
I'll meet you on God's golden shore!