Here's another cool vocal track from IPG1 that I was able to have some fun with :)
lyrics/vocal track/arrangement - @ipg1
guitars/bass/production and the rest - TMS

cool, well it's ok, video for this one -

Here’s the link to the Producers that have submitted mixes so far.

Lyrics are below!
Down Like That.....
Down like That
Down like that
If you feeling me —-where I’m at
Lemme hear you say
Down like that

I am the the real —-number one—bonafide —-numero uno
That’s the deal—-Do or die—-
Ask—-someone—That you know
been revealed—who I am—-
don’t really need —-an intro
Real appeal—this is why—
each discussion —might —seem nouveau

As I sink into this mix —-don’t hold me ——let go
And I’ve got it all baby —-even ———if it’s retro
balancing act ——equilibrium———if you -can follow
that’s a hard pill -to swallow——now—- come on let’s go
Feel the vibe ——in your body ———like an undertow
Tried and true ——-just a fact———and you all know-the logo
This is how I——mix and match —drink it up —it’s pure—mojo

Level one up—
level ——-level one up
I get down
level ——-level one up
sound on sound
level ——-level one up
you’ll come around

a new challenge —-to take on—
come on ———let’s —get down —
Accept my imperfections
A rap addict —reborn—-
hard as steel go on
session after session
honed and built for action ———
Like My name was Smith and Wesson
This is where ——I belong —--are there Anymore questions?

Bet —I—-still——- flow over this ——--right tight!
How can I miss ——-push verses ——day and night
it’s just a fix ——-till I reach—-my new ——-heights ——
still deep in the mix———level one up —-Aight!!!
there’s always chance I’ll swing through ——you know I will
that’s how I get down ————I got you——so—chill
But for now—this is all I can do— just—-until
That time comes ——-take a sip —drink it up—— don’t— spill