From the recording Fever in the South

This is a collaboration with two of my oldest friends on the planet. Quanah adds the vocals and killer lyrics and once again The OASPM lights up the bass and mix/mastering. This one was fun to put together and I hope y'all enjoy it!


1 2 1 2 still like to dance still like to sing deep cover elevator parking lot bring yeah THEY don't know
about IT THEY aint seen we squeakin tweakin but were bufferin th stream yeah favorite stories favorite songs hey check th timeline might be gettin mighty long now my mind expanded my
mind IS blown my head exploded but I dont know what it shown yeah (unknowable silence) NOW
ITS some bullshit we went through who knew th CHASMS came & got you 2 still sayin fuck you still stayin high still makin me believe that Bon Scott never died rye whens the punchline when
IS IT near nobody laughin said that no one shed a tear NOW so whats th story what th eff we
gonna have to make IT with what little we got left yeah yeah

-RQ Stewart