This is another collaboration with a couple of fantastic artists. It started with me and @jeff_roberts working on this funky idea I had. I've respected Jeff as a songwriter and musician from day one. He is great to work with and as cool as can be. Thanks Jeff!!

I was able to pull @rekha-iyern-fe in again and she did her thing which turned out great. And once again she was awesome to work with, recording her vocal in almost no time and giving the song the emotional charge it needed.

Both of these folks are true pros and it was a lot of fun putting this together. Hope you enjoy!

REKHA - Lyrics and Vocals
music and lyrics by Rekha Iyern Fe for Socan
Jeff Roberts - Bass and various percussive flavorings, quality control :)
TexMex Shaman - Arrangement, Guitars, Talkbox, Drum programming and overall production

Oo Yeah
Ahn Yeah
Hey Hey
Hey Hey

Give it up Baby
Never say maybe
Cuz' you know
It makes me
Totally crazy

You want
To give me
All of your love
You know it's true
You do me so
You do me so good
Baby I need
Your love

Give it up, Baby
Never say maybe
Cuz' you know it
Makes me feel
Totally, crazy good-good
Oh, Yeah-Yeah

You know you want to
Give me, your love, love, love
It always, makes me feel
So good, good, good
You touch my woman

Ahn, Eh
Hey, Hey
Hahn, Oh
Ho, Ho, Oh

Babe, I need
Your good love
Your man-man in my