This is a cover of the song "Sugar Baby Clown" by yours truly. The original author of this one is none other than Rekha Iyern [Fe]. We made a fun deal not long ago to cover one of each other's songs
You can hear her fantastic version of my song 'Newly' here-

Now here is my version of her song "Sugar Baby Clown" off her killer rock CD "Milky Ocean". This is truly a fantastic record and I was happy to be able to create something unique from it. This was the first record I'd heard from her and have loved the entire CD ever since. I play a sitar solo at the end to celebrate and honor Rekha's Indian Cultural Heritage.

I used vocal samples from the original track because it sounds good and the overall feel is more funky and groovy. Hope you enjoy!

You can hear her original version of Sugar Baby Clown on her BandCamp page here

and listen to my original song "Newly" found here -